Take Care.


Our products are handmade using premium quality materials and time honored techniques.

JEWELRY_ Please take care to respect and protect the precious metals and stones adorning your body- just as you would your own flesh. Please avoid scrapes, bumps, and drops. Please avoid cleaning your adornments with any chemicals. We recommend a polishing cloth or a soft cloth on the metal. Do not expose the wrapped Linen cord to water. We do not recommend swimming, showering, or bathing while wearing The Sum. The oxidized portions of our pieces will warm and wear with use. They will slowly age and change with their wearer, making each piece unique.

FRAGRANCES_ We recommend keeping your fragrances out of direct sunlight and to avoid exposure to high heat. Your fragrances contain several dense natural-ingredients of the highest quality, they are highly stable and consistent, but exposure to harsh conditions can alter the fragrances color or scent experience.

If you have any questions, we're always HERE for you through email.